Rocky (1976)

92% Rotten Tomatoes
8.1/10 IMDb

I’ve heard so many great things about Rocky, but I never felt like watching it. An opportunity came up in class when our english teacher told us that this was one of the few movies that he truly believes everyone should watch. And to be honest, I was surprised by how much I liked it; although it isn’t my favorite movie, it was still a pretty good movie.

I had felt like I was the only person who had never seen Rocky, but almost nobody else in the class had seen it either. Rocky is always mentioned as a very popular classic flick, a movie that everybody had watched; heck, even my parents have watched it. Maybe the reason why nobody has watched it is because it’s a little “outdated”. Many people refuse to watch old movies, simply because it’s old; and I’m one of those people. We can’t appreciate older movies because they lack so many things. New movies have all of these cool special effects that don’t appear in older movies. However, a lesson can be learned here that older movies also have things that new movies lack. Older movies seem to be more than just a movie, they have more sentimental feelings and thought to the plot, as opposed to the mindless action that we may see in the newer generation of film. I had noticed this while watching Rocky, movies these days don’t have the same type of humor and “life lessons”, which is why I believe this was a movie that our english teacher had wanted us to see.

Rocky #2

Rocky was a movie that surprised me, I enjoyed it…but at the same time I didn’t exactly love it; and this may be because I’m guilty being one of those people that will only watch “new” movies. Many classmates had expressed that they didn’t like the movie because of the plot; and a movie about boxing may not be interesting to teenagers. But nonetheless I enjoyed the movie, and especially the  humor that Sylvester Stallone had implemented into the film. Maybe I’ll find someone that has an interest boxing that will appreciate this movie.


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