The Mentalist

8.2/10 IMDb

My family and I are always trying to find a new TV show since we are constantly watching TV and running out of shows to watch. I had always seen commercials and ads for The Mentalist but I never really found it to be interesting, but since we recently finished Grey’s Anatomy, we had figured to just give it a shot.

The overall plot of The Mentalist can be compared to another TV show, Psych. Both TV shows feature a consultant for a police unit that appear to be psychic. However in The Mentalist, Patrick Jane does not claim to be a psychic; he had outed himself out as a fake. And this is where the plot of The Mentalist truly gets dark. Patrick Jane had outed himself as a fake in order to work with the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) in order to catch the murderer of his wife and daughter, Red John.

The Mentalist #2Patrick Jane laying under the symbol of Red John

This episodic television series reminds me of Houseeach episode is a different storyline/murder, but there is the subplot of Red John that appears in most episodes. In my opinion, episodic television shows can be just as addicting as marathon TV shows, especially with a subplot like this series. I also seem to like episodic television series more, as the plot for each episode is new and fresh.

A new, fresh episode reminds me of english class; as everyday is a new, fresh day. We never know the plans for the next day; we always take things one day at a time and just see how things fall into place.

If you enjoy crime series with a sprinkle of comedy, I highly recommend that you watch The Mentalist. It has slowly began to turn into one of my favorite TV series. And with 6 seasons, you won’t be running out of episodes too soon.



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