Idea Farm: Online Homework Club

This school year has been a year of twists, turns, and surprises. Our english teacher presented us with a new way of learning about our community and improving it. He had told us to find something about the community, anything at all, that we would like to see an improvement in. As it was the first year of rigorous school work, a friend and I decided that we would like to see the school’s community focus on students that are too busy after school to attend the “homework club” that the school offers. There is a surprising amount of students in sports, clubs, or other after school activities that just simply don’t have the time to attend an after school study session; and this is where we figured a way to solve this problem.

Google+ has slowly been implemented into our school. From group projects being presented through Google Docs, and simply just communicating with other classmates through Google Hangouts. As a result of using this semi-new social media page, we decided to make an online homework club on Google+.

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The biggest challenge of developing a homework club online was enticing people to join the club, as there are already so many FaceBook groups dedicated to homework help. The purpose of the homework club being on Google+, rather than FaceBook, was because Google+ didn’t have as many distractions as FaceBook does; also, Google Hangouts is really useful in the sense of demonstrating how to do homework with its ability to mirror a computer’s screen.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.56.43 PM

As weeks went by, and more students joined…and more students didn’t join, unbeknownst to us, the school had created its own lunch homework club! This was a major blow to our online homework club, as the students that didn’t have the time after school to go to the “normal” homework club just went to the lunch homework club instead….and this is basically where our great plan just fell apart.

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Although things didn’t go as smoothly as we had liked, and we faced too many roadblocks and stops, I really enjoyed this idea of an online homework club. The biggest roadblock we had was to get people to join the Google+ community and get used to it, but since FaceBook has been around for so much longer and so many people have already been accustomed to it, not many people were willing to try Google+. If we were to had redone this project, we would have tried to implement Google+ earlier in the school year, before all of the FaceBook homework help pages were created. All in all, I managed to learn so much about Google+ and Google Hangouts and how it functions that whenever I need help on an intricate mathematic or chemistry problem, I ask a friend to go on Google Hangouts to show me how to do the problem with step-by-step tutorial and explanation. As goes for when a friend needs help on homework, the many features in Google Hangouts can be really great for teaching if you are not able to physically be by the person to tutor them.

In concept, it was a great idea; but in use, it didn’t work out as great.

So now I invite you, to find something that you would like to see be improved in your community and try to do something about it.

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