Rush (2013)

89% Rotten Tomatoes
8.3/10 IMDb

Rush stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Hunt’s rival, Niki Lauda. To be as quick as possible, the overall plot of the movie is about the rivalry between Formula One rivals, James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

I’m usually not a fan of sports/biographical movies, but Rush caught me by surprise. Rush portrayed the dedication of two men competing and willing to do anything to win, even if death may stop them. This idea of a relentless personality can be seen in everyday life, whether in a sport or at a job. Hunt and Lauda portray the perfect competitor by stopping at no means to win what they believe is rightfully theirs. 

Rush #2

Lauda suffers an injury as a result of a competitive error. During the German Grand Prix, heavy rain made racing unsuitable and dangerous, however the race continued as the notion to cancel the race was vetoed. Hunt and Lauda had both used racing wheels to make racing suitable; however they realize that the wheels are only slowing them down, causing both Hunt and Lauda to remove their rain wheels. A part in Lauda’s car breaks, causing his car to fly across the track and burst into flames.

Rush #3

Somehow, Lauda miraculously survives and is treated for his injures, he then…goes back to racing despite his doctor’s recommendation. In the middle of another rain-soaked Grand Prix, Lauda suddenly pulls out during the middle of a race, showing that he values his safety more than a competition.

If you’re familiar with racing, you probably already knew the story behind Lauda and Hunt; if you are not familiar with these two, I recommend you to watch this movie. Not to educate you about racing, but it’s just a really great action-packed drama movie. If you’ve ever seen the real footage of Lauda’s car crash, you’ll know that the director did a fantastic job in recreating the car crash; the movie’s recreation and the real footage are almost identical.

Biographical movies sound like they’re usually boring, but I can assure you that Rush defies this generalization of biographies, it’s a movie with suspense, drama, and action.


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