Ender’s Game (2013)

61% Rotten Tomatoes
6.9/10 IMDb

I usually dislike watching movies that are film adaptations to books, as I always hear “oh, it’s not as good at the books”. But I went ahead and watched Ender’s Game anyway. Although I watched Ender’s Game with high expectations, I was still thoroughly surprised by how good it was. It is often compared to Hunger Games as they are both teenage dystopian novels(/movies), and judging solely from the Ender’s Game movie, I liked Ender’s Game a lot more than Hunger GamesEnder’s Game was just a really cool movie; everything from the cinematography to the overall plot.

Ender's Game #2

Ender’s Game follows a boy, Ender Wiggin, who is sort of an outcast/underdog in this sci-fi world. As this is a sci-fi dystopian movie, of course there’s an alien species that is threatening the life of Earth. But Ender Wiggin isn’t just any ordinary boy, he is given these tests/mind games where he manages to either beat his opponent, or think outside of the box to beat the game. Eventually he is recruited to a team of brilliant cadets, and Ender is the commander of these cadets; and their job is to fight the alien species.

That’s just the gist of the whole movie, there’s plenty of great stuff that I left out (super cool zero-gravity laser tag games). If you’re a fan of sci-fi movies, I highly recommend that you give this movie a try. And if you have plenty of time, maybe even try reading the book, as I hear the novel has more depth and complexity to the plot.

Sometimes movie adaptions aren’t as good as the book. For example, we recently read a movie for english class, but opted out of watching the movie adaption. It’s always better to read the book, but sometimes you just don’t have time or are just too lazy to read; so then you just watch the film adaptation.


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