Captain Phillips (2013)

93% Rotten Tomatoes
8/10 IMDb

Captain Phillips is based on the true story of an Alabama cargo ship hijacking. This movie tells the events in which Captain Richard Phillips is taken hostage by pirates while trying to pass through the Indian Ocean.

Captain Phillips #2

I typically don’t enjoy documentaries or movies based on true stories, because they’re usually not true to the story. And from the articles I’ve read about the real events that happened during the Maersk Alabama hijacking, Captain Phillips doesn’t exactly follow the events that happened. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that Captain Phillips isn’t the hero that the movie makes him out to be. All in all, I still enjoyed Captain Phillips, but I always take every movie “based on the true story” with a grain of salt.

The plot is pretty basic, nothing too hard to understand; which makes it a great movie to watch with family who can’t stand long, complex storylines. Captain Phillips is also filled with suspense and action, but nothing too violent or gory, as it is only rated PG-13. With a PG-13 rating, this could easily be the perfect movie for a family who enjoys thriller movies.

The only gripe I have with thriller movies is that I can’t wait until the movie actually starts. It may be because I’m impatient, but I dislike having to watch the beginning of movies where everyone is being introduced; I like a movie where the plot starts immediately. But perhaps sometimes an introduction is good as a way of easing someone into liking the movie. Just like school and work, sometimes doing everything systematically and fast-paced doesn’t always get you the results you want; sometimes you have to steer away from the usual and venture into something different. This is why I enjoy watching movies, because not every movie is the same and sometimes you have to try something new.


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