Parks and Recreation

8.6/10 IMDb

I was searching around for a comedy TV show to watch since I recently finished watching The Office.
I’ve heard many great things about Parks and Recreation and had already given it a try before, however I did not like it. After hearing more about how great Parks and Recreation is, I decided to give it another try, I also skipped the first season as suggested by many others. Let me just say that Parks and Recreation  is a brilliant and hilarious show, but I won’t compare it to The Office; although they are both workplace comedies, they vastly differ. And I also won’t pick sides, whether I prefer The Office or Parks and Recreation more.

Parks and Recreation seems like more of a new and contemporary show with more of an emphasis on pop culture. This is another reason why I love it, but it may be a reason why others do not. If you’re someone that doesn’t really keep up with the latest trends in pop culture, you may not understand some of the comedy in this show; however, this is one of my favorite aspects of this show.

Parks and Recreation #2April Ludgate, my favorite character, popular for her deadpan comedy.

Watch an episode on Netflix and try it out; and tell me which one you like better: Parks and Recreation or The Office, or maybe even another TV show?


2 thoughts on “Parks and Recreation

  1. In the last month or so, I’ve watched the first 5 seasons on Netflix! Same as you, I wasn’t hooked the first time I watched a few months ago. But a friend encouraged me to power through the first few seasons and she was right! Now I’m kind of hooked.. oops. But as one who loved The Office, it’s a great alternative. 🙂

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