Gravity (2013)

97% Rotten Tomatoes
8.3/10 IMDb

After hearing great reviews and seeing that Gravity is nominated for several Oscars and Golden Globes, I decided to go and see it in theaters. Several 3-D movies are not worthy of watching in 3-D, but Gravity is not one of those movies. The 3-D effects actually enhanced the movie experience, rather than diminished it. Gravity was almost perfect, but I felt that it was too short and lacking in plot; it is only a 90 minute movie. To compare the runtime with other movies, where as Gravity  is only 90 minutes, The Wolf of Wall Street is 180 minutes. Sometimes longer movies feel more satisfying because all of the characters and plotlines introduced are thoroughly developed and dived into.

As short as Gravity is, I still enjoyed it. There aren’t many popular movies with a central setting of space (the middle of nowhere). This is probably because of poor execution and writing, but throughout the majority of this movie, the characters are floating in space and trying to find their way back home. And although Gravity is majorly set in space, the movie was still fantastic. And as always, flawless acting from Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

The 3-D effects enhanced the movie experience by fully showing how it was so beautifully shot and edited. The mesmerizing video shots of sunsets and space made the setting more enjoyable.
Gravity #2

Maybe the 120 minute runtime could teach us something. An important lesson when developing a project, or even running a blog is that we can’t expect results immediately. Things have to be planned out, but road bumps and conflicts may occur while working on a project. For example, the directors of The Wolf of Wall Street may have gotten carried away, as its original runtime was a whopping 240 minutes (4 hours). So, maybe the directors of Gravity wanted to avoid a movie that seems too slow and stretched out, and decided to keep it short and simple.


7 thoughts on “Gravity (2013)

  1. Have not watched this yet, but I do have plans too. It is odd that for the reason you find flaws, is the same reason I am interested in seeing it. I seen that it was only 90 minutes, and that caught my attention. I loved Wolf on Wall Street, but my complaint was how long the run time was. Your points ring true however, and more of a payoff is provided in the longer viewings. I just think that some films take it overboard when they really have no reason too.

    • There’s definitely two sides to an opinion of how long a movie should be. Some people, like yourself, thought that a long movie stretches out the plot too much. And I definitely agree that that is the case in many movies, but I find a short movie leaves myself wanting more (which may actually be a good thing).

  2. The script wasn’t anything special, but the tense atmosphere and beautiful visuals really got me involved. I just wish the characterization of these two hadn’t been so cut-and-dry, and in ways, manipulative. Good review.

  3. I agree that the plot lacked a bit, and that 3-D is the way to go with this one. I wonder how the reviews of “Gravity” differed between people who saw the film in 3-D (or IMAX), and people who saw it in 2-D. I saw it in 3-D and feel like it wouldn’t be fully-convincing if seen in 2-D.

    • Yes, definitely. The main reason why I chose to watch it in theaters and not wait until it came out to DVD was because I heard that the 3-D made a major difference in the movie-watching experience.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed Gravity. True, the plot and character development were sparse, but there was just the right amount of both to make this movie great. The plot worked because only a few minutes after it started the danger set in bringing with it incredible tension that never let up until the end. We were given one character that was fully developed as the story went on. She was the one in danger so we all cared for her as she struggled to stay alive. It’s the basic plot of man (or woman) verses the environment. We’ve seen movies before with one person alone in the elements (snow, wilderness, etc.). Gravity applys that story structure to space and it works. Who would have thought space could be so deadly.

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