The Heat (2013)

66% Rotten Tomatoes
6.7/10 IMDb

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy bring big laughs with The Heat. Usually a buddy cop movie doesn’t have two female lead roles, but that’s the best part about The Heat. Bullock and McCarthy are two of the best pair of actors I’ve seen in a long time. They are on two completely separate spheres in this film. Bullock plays Sarah Ashburn; an uptight, arrogant, but also excellent detective. Where as McCarthy, who plays the role of Shannon Mullins, is a hot-headed and foul-mouthed detective.

By putting these two characters together in a single setting, the possibilities are endless. Ashburn and Mullins had already hated each other before they even met. The two stirred great laughs by physically and verbally attacking each other in the strangest ways. The large amount of  verbal and physical abuse they take from each other explains why this movie is rated ‘R’.

The Heat #2

Yes, this movie is a buddy cop comedy. As the movie progresses, Ashburn and Mullins prove to be an excellent pair of detectives. By being each others’ polar opposites, they learn a lot from each other about family, career, and happiness.

Be sure to watch this movie with friends or family, a good comedy film is one that you can enjoy with another person.


6 thoughts on “The Heat (2013)

  1. McCarthy and Bullock are who really make this flick such a treat to watch and laugh at. Everything else is fine and all, but they’re the ones who run for the end-field. Good review.

  2. I’ve been searching around for some kind of movie to watch with my youth group members at winter retreat. I’ll suggest this to the leaders, and I want to see this movie now! I love buddy cop comedies. Thanks, Belle!

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