Prisoners (2013)

82% Rotten Tomatoes
8.1/10 IMDb

A crime/drama movie that makes you question your morality. This one sentence is how I would simply describe Prisoners. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal create an incredible atmosphere for the movie. With their serious and stern looks, you know that this movie is going to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Keller Dover’s (Hugh Jackman) daughter and her friend go missing, Keller seeks to find their kidnapper and bring him to justice. But when fingers are pointed to a developmentally disabled man, the movie truly sets off and begins to revolve around prejudice. Throughout the movie the audience is given the chance to be a detective and decide whether or not a man with the IQ of a ten-year-old is capable of kidnapping children, or is he not guilty…? Watching this movie with a group of friends or family is ideal, as opposed to watching this movie alone. By watching this movie with others, you are given the chance to voice your opinion and base your judgements on morals and prejudice.

Prisoners #2

The father of the kidnapped child is willing to do anything, anything. His ways of seeking justice may seem unorthodox, or they may seem justified. A father is willing to risk his life to save his daughter, even if it means going to the extremes and hurting others.

Prisoners #3

By the end of the movie, the story is resolved and we find out who the kidnapper is. Who the kidnapper is may shock the audience and make them rethink about prejudice.


2 thoughts on “Prisoners (2013)

    • I find that watching any crime or drama movie alone is boring. Watching these types of movies with a group of people help stir conversations and keep you interested.

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