Music Guide to: The Killers

In class we learned about various ways to artistically display what we are thinking about. One of them included finding a new way and artistic way to write blog posts, which inspired me to steer away from my typical analysis and interpretation of songs. Instead of my typical layout, I am doing a music guide.


This flowchart shows the discography of The Killers which includes 5 albums, and also greatest hits album. I strongly recommend that you begin with the most notable album, The Killer’s debut album, Hot Fuss. Then you would move down and decide whether you liked it, or prefer to steer in a more pop type of music. The flowchart eventually leads you to The Killer’s greatest hits album, which is compiled of the most notable songs of throughout their band history.

The songs bulleted on the right of each album are songs that stood out to me, and are my favorite songs of the album.


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