The Office

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Sometimes we just take a break from work and focus on life. “School is just school, but life….is life” (Paraphrased quote from my english teacher). My teacher was talking about how we have our whole lives to go to school and learn, but we don’t have an unlimited time to learn about what to expect in life.

This relates to the atmosphere of The Office‘s workplace. Michael Scott and his employees run into strange office problems and devise creative ways to solve their problems. Each character have their memorable moments; memorable moments usually involve unusual logic and quotes. I mostly watch The Office just for the quirky characters and unexpected laughs. Did you know: that some of the scenes from The Office are actually improvised? That must explain why some quotes just make you go, “What???” and then burst out in laughter. I try to watch at least one episode before I go to bed as a way to relax and clear my mind. 

The Office #2

Despite being in a professional learning environment, employees at The Office still learn valuable life lessons amidst the chaos that is Dunder Mifflin. The same logic can be applied to school. Why can’t we learn about the important, big-picture life lessons in school? Why do we always learn about science, math, reading, grammar, and history? My english teacher made me ask these questions when he decided to use class time to teach us about first dates. Sure, it may not relate to schoolwork, but it relates to learning; and that’s what we go to school for, to learn.

The characters of The Office come to school to work; but they return home having learned about love, happiness, and friendship. School should be just the same, there should be a class called “Life 101” where we learn about the basics of life such as: finances, relationships, stress management. Basically a class on how to live in the “real world”, because high school does not teach us enough to be independent.


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