Grey’s Anatomy

7.7/10  IMDb

A classmate requested that I do a review on Grey’s Anatomy a while ago, but I never got around to start watching it. However, over Thanksgiving break I had plenty of time to begin the series.

I can’t believe that I waited this long to start watching Grey’s Anatomy. In a previous post, I wrote a review on HouseHouse and Grey’s Anatomy are both medical “dramedies”; but to my amazement these two shows vastly differ. An episode of House focuses more on a single patient with a mysterious illness, where as an episode of Grey’s Anatomy is centralized on multiple patients. Grey’s Anatomy utilizes comedic relief more often to prevent the show from becoming too dramatic and tense. House uses comedic relief, but in more of a dark humor/sarcastic view.

Grey's Anatomy #3

Every television show about doctors and medical cases reminds me of one of Charles Dickens’s chapter titles, “Recalled to Life”. Although the job description of doctors may be portrayed inaccurately on television, doctors are known on television for bringing dead patients back to life. For example, a patient may be flatlining (heart shows no activity) and then a doctor will use defibrillator paddles, and then the patient will miraculously come back to life (this is medically inaccurate; it is not possible to shock a heart back to life). Doctors can, however, actually recall a person to life. A  doctor may give a flatlined person epinephrine or perform chest compressions and then person will be successfully resuscitated.


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