The Internship (2013)

34% Rotten Tomatoes
6.4/10 IMDb

Sometimes you just want to watch a movie to relax. I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Internship despite the many negative reviews that it received. Billy and Nick aren’t your average interns, they don’t follow usual regulations, but instead they think outside of the box. However, they face the drawback of their age. All of the other interns are in their early to late 20’s, whereas Billy and Nick are in their late 30’s to early 40’s. Billy and Nick’s exuberant methods to solving problems prove to be successful as they try to defy the odds and earn a job at Google.

Google HQ

Upon watching this film, I learned that technology is advancing so quickly that sometimes we lose sight of what is really happening around us. Stuart, who is usually buried in his phone, reminds me of society today. 80% of the people that I see at the mall or in a restaurant are on their cell phones. As the movie progresses and the group of interns experience new joys of life, Stuart slowly loses interest in his phone and learns about the beauty of life. A few years ago people used to actually talk and communicate at the dinner table, but now everyone is on their phones and aren’t experiencing enough human contact. And imagine what will happen when Google Glass becomes popular; how many people will there be left that actually talk to each other? Some say that people lack the necessary communication skills because everyone is using technology to communicate with others.

Technology is not always bad. As technology advances, so do people. Throughout the years medical groups and researchers have been finding new cures and vaccinations for many diseases. A 3-D printer will soon be able to print organs for patients. This just shows how far technology has come, and is still advancing.

3-D Printer

We recently made Twitter accounts in english class. Although it seems strange for an english class to use Twitter, a world full of of grammatical errors, I see this as a way of introducing students to today’s technologically-powered society. By introducing students to today’s main form of communication they will be able to use present-day technology to their own advantages.


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