Chicago Fire

7.6/10 IMDb

Chicago Fire, airing every Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC, is a television series that follows the personal and work life of a firefighter squad. This television show is filled with suspense, action, and is sprinkled with comedic relief.

I’ve been watching this series since the premiere date and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down every week and watching an episode. The dynamic between the characters bring them to life. Not only are the firefighters co-workers, but they are also close friends. The characters, being firefighters with huge egos, have a thrive for success. Their thrive for success shows through their dedication to their jobs; which does not only include saving people’s lives, but also keeping their co-workers out of danger.

This type of commitment is what it takes to become a successful person in life. However, the mindset of a firefighter is not just based on commitment; it is also based on reason. Firefighters need to examine the problem and find a reasonable solution. Reasoning is a very important skill a person should have. When a person is faced with a problem, they have to reason out a solution. When you want to improve something, you have to reason out what your next step should be.

A couple of classmates and I are developing an online study group for the school as an innovation project. Every innovation project requires reasoning and planning. It wouldn’t be reasonable to start your project head-on; you need to take things slowly. A project should start off small and slowly build into a larger, more defined project. Similarly to how firefighters assess a situation and determine the next logical step, innovators should assess the current stage their project is in to improve their ideas.


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