House is My Home

9/10 IMDb

A show where every episode is a mystery to solve. Although classified as a drama, this series can also be interpreted as a “dramedy”. Most episodes contain comic relief as a result of Gregory House’s antics. These comedic scenes are implemented throughout the show along with a serious, medical plot.  An episode is introduced with a person with a special case, or illness. Although mostly fiction, House provides the viewer with a medical insight on diseases and the environment of a hospital. Included in medical mysteries is the drama of being a doctor. This drama ranges from relationship with patients to the personal life of doctors.

Gregory House and his team of doctors are  the central characters of this show; they are responsible for finding out what illness the patient has, and to cure them. House and his team of doctors aren’t your everyday doctors, breaking the law to save a patient’s life is a usual occurrence in this television show. House’s unorthodox ways of treating a patient often lands him in serious trouble, however House never takes anything seriously. His brilliant mind always finds a way to get him out of trouble. The unorthodox methods of treating a patient reminds me of something we did in english class, Bad Idea Farming. In House MD, a team of doctors are introduced with a medical case. The doctors then blurt out random illnesses that could possibly fit the patient’s case, anything that is plausible is written on a whiteboard. During Bad Idea Farming, we thought of something that society needed and then threw random ideas, no matter how bad, and wrote them on a poster paper. Sometimes an idea that you think is bad, may turn out to be successful. The point of throwing out random ideas isn’t always to find the right idea. Sharing your thoughts and opinions may cause others to think of something else, which would lead to ultimately finding the solution.

House has always been a favorite show of mine. It steers away from the average television show. A procedural show that combines medical conditions with comedy is the definition of House. The show presents itself in the form of a puzzle; pieces of information are introduced, and it is up to House and his team to piece them together and save the patient. Sometimes it is not necessarily a patient that needs to be saved. The brilliance of this show is that so many new ideas and storylines can be introduced. In one memorable episode the lung of a dead person needed to be saved. As opposed to the average patient, a lung cannot be questioned for medical history and information. This is just an example of one of the many unique and interesting plotlines of what you can expect in an episode of House.House will cause the viewer be heartbroken and cry, and at the same time laugh.


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