Breaking Bad Finale

***Spoilers Ahead***

Walter White has finally broke bad. Or has he? September 29, 2013 marks the end of an intense, 5 season-long series. The story concludes with a resolution; unlike many other episodes which ended with a cliffhanger. The overall reason for Walter deciding to be involved with the drug empire originated from his lung cancer. All Walter wanted to do was to provide his family financially before he died from cancer. In Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus had found out about the prophecy that reveals that he will kill his father, and marry his own mother. After finding out about this, Oedipus was blinded and could only think about preventing this prophecy from coming true. In the first few episodes of Breaking Bad, Walter White was blinded by his cancer; all he could worry about was supporting his family.

Walter White, a loving chemistry teacher, whose character foil was high school student Jesse Pinkman, drastically changed for the worse. Whereas Jesse Pinkman changed for the better. Jesse’s decision in not killing Walt brings up the quote, “live, and let live”. Throughout the series Jesse had hated murder of innocent civilians; he hated when someone was killed and when someone did as a result of his actions. However, Walter White was nowhere near an innocent civilian, but he was Jesse’s mentor. Walt had committed many serious crimes in the past, but did not completely become evil. Through his final actions, he proved himself yet again to be a brilliant character. Walt had decided that before he left this world he would tie up loose ends, and accomplish what he had originally hoped to do, support his family. Although many of his actions throughout the series were unjustified, his fans continued to cheer him on in this bittersweet ending.


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